Indoor Family Photography Session, Played With the Low Light.

It was raining all day when I took these pictures of the beautiful family. So there was no other option for me to embrace the low lights though the mood might slightly changed.

This kind of lifestyle photography is quite popular now a days. It uses less props since it honestly tells about your daily life (mostly at home).


At the end of the session, my client guide me to their attic which has plenty of light. Once they changed their dress into something more formal, the mood completely changed too. It was so fun for me, it felt like I got a free photography studio to explore and play with.



Whenever you fancy a session like this. If you want some “honest” family pictures, ¬†that reflects what is “home” for your family… then let’s do it! I’m available at 081233513454 (whatsapp), and my Instagram account @pinkannancykirana . Cheerio!

Location : Senayan, Bintaro

Clients : Lia & Family


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