Trying out something new : Vintage Style Photography

I was waiting too long for having this kind of style photo session! Vintage look is so tempting to try. Lucky me I have these ladies who didn’t mind with the idea (love you gals!). And the best part is, I was in frame with them! Yayy!

Vintage Style Photography

Don’t misunderstand, none of us are drinker so I chose cold grape and apple juice instead of wine for the props. Actually they drink it a bit too fast (because it was a hot day), it was all finished even before half of the session (sigh).

Vintage Style Photography

The other important props are that chair of mine (I had to carry it through the wet ground) and that IKEA rug which you can find it appear in  most of my outdoor session.

Vintage Style Photography

do you like the wardrobes? fascinator, vintage headbands and necklaces are the key pieces.

Vintage Style Photography

Vintage Style Photography

i was playing with some editing style that more look like vintage. i think the key is to reduce the saturation and add a bit warm filter. and add vignette when you’re fancy.

Vintage Style Photography

Vintage Style Photography

i keep told my models to pose elegantly. but unlucky me, because I have to press the shutter and run back to them in less than 12 seconds (with high heels!), most of the time I WAS THE ONE WHO POSE AWKWARDLY 😀

at the end, we all love the final result. it’s always fun to have things like this with closest friends, don’t you think so?

Vintage Style Photography


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