going tribal

going tribal canafotografia

so between a (quite) tight schedule of doing some architecture projects and designs plus being a mom and wife at the same time, I found a new refreshing activity which makes me so addicted! Especially because it also improve my photography. This awesome new hobby activity called sewing :D:D:D

going tribal canafotografia

it starts from my mom who suddenly gave me her very old Singer sewing machine, and taught me some basic important tricks in making outfit (of course it’s a baby girl outfit — the easiest one). then it followed by a school event that required my girl to wear a tribal costume. so here is my very first sewing work 😀

going tribal canafotografia

going tribal canafotografia

told you it’s addicted. no wonder tons of of moms spend a lot of their time in their sewing corner no matter how busy they are! yes I made some more, exactly the same type, just different colours hahaha!

going tribal canafotografia

well at least it looks good in the camera :))

going tribal canafotografia


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