How I Edit All My Pictures using VSCO

Photoshop and Lightroom are basic softwares to edit picture. But when you need something handier, to edit your pictures which taken by your cellphone and you need to upload them immediately, VSCO cam application is one of the most favorite choice. It is so easy to use and the filters are so tipically special which will give your picture a film photography look alike. The menus might be not too communicative, but you will used to it in just no time.

So basically, this is how I edit most all of my pictures by using VSCO.

VSCO editing - canafotografiaprepare the picture

VSCO editing - canafotografiaif you open the app, insert your selected picture by touching the big “+” button.

VSCO editing - canafotografiaGiving filters is not my priority. I’d prefer to tidying up the picture a bit (when needed). So I will go to the adjustment menu first.


Exposure is the most often factor which I need to adjust on my pictures. With this picture I raise the exposure quite a lot.


I’m quite a strict person in balancing the view, especially for pictures that have geometric line on it. So I will rotate just to make it balance in my eyes.


…and crop it a bit to cast the awkward – unnecessary space. Choose your picture ratio and you can scale it if needed.


in a centered-object and low-key kind of picture like this, sometimes I like to give it a vignette effect to make the object more popped.


just a bit.


finally, filter time! Try them all, then choose which you love the most.


My favorite one is T1 (moody effect).


you still can adjust it if you don’t want it too much.


I’m happy now. Time to upload and share šŸ™‚

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetVSCO editing - canafotografianow you can see the difference.

Should we try it again?

Let’s try it one more time.

VSCO editing - canafotografiaprepare your picture


adjusting first!


add more exposure (don’t if your picture is already in the right exposure or even higher)


rotate to balance, I was using the trees behind as a vertical reference.


crop to dump the unwanted (this time I want to get away the unnecessary food container that my husband held on the left low corner)


and.. choose your filter.


here it is :

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetbefore and after :

VSCO editing - canafotografianow you can have a try. Have fun!


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