Photographing Children Like A Pro (for dummies); Part 2 : the Execution

If your little one is above 5 years old, they might be already strike a pose sincerely without you asking for it. Would find a harder case in smaller children. Newborn and babies need a very quick session because they’re just so delicate, have to change their nappy on time, feed and sleep enough so they won’t get cranky. Toddlers want to play all the time, and it is almost impossible to ask them to pose, unless.. you can do it very quickly. But can you? 😀

So here are some tips :
prepare the props
Something that they can hold and play with, and it’s better if it looks good too on the camera. I prefer something woody than plastic, classy look than modern, with soft colors instead of strong (strong property colors will distract the focus of the picture). Just bring some for options and let them choose which to play with. It’s one of the key to boost their mood instantly.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiawe just found some leaves and that was do the trick!


a teddy which always needs a cuddle


she didn’t realize that the old luggage was just a trap! haha

let them play
Don’t expect a perfect result on your first try. They’re not models who work for you, so remember it’s all just for fun. Instead of ask them to pose, smile or look at the camera, why don’t you just let them play as they used to. Make sure the camera sets properly while you’re watching them play then go take some shots.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografia

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografia

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografialet them play than capture! you will get much more original emotion of them 🙂

low angle
Most of my best results were when I took them on the eye level, the children’s eye level not ours. So get low, make yourself as their height. This would make a huge difference especially for the close up pictures.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiacan you imagine how low I was?

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiasometimes this kind of angle works too

just keep shooting
Before the session, make sure there are plenty of memory space on the camera. It will help you to keep shooting without worrying about the memory. So ignore those blurry and out of focus pictures, delete them later. You just have to stop when your children need your attention, or they feel tired already and need a break. My average sessions with the kids just took about an hour, or two hours maximum with a tea break in the middle.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiabehind the scene : instead of sitting where she should be, she chose to help me clean the deck! but I kept on shooting anyway..

post production
In this last stage you will realize there are so few acceptable pictures left to edit from hundred shots you took. It doesn’t matter, mine always around 30% even less.
There are so many styles you can choose to edit your pictures.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiaa bedroom session which I chose to edit it a bit creamy


soft vintage look for a sunny day

Too many tempting options? Are you not sure about which style comes best with which? Then don’t be! There’s no right or wrong on this because it’s just about the taste.
I like a soft creamy touch or a soft black and white for indoor pictures. Warm and soft for a morning session at the park. A bit strong colors would be nice when you have an urban set. Vintage or dreamy feel looks good when they wear a bit of classy outfit. Again, it’s just me. Find your own mood and style by keep trying.

photographing children like a pro 2 - canafotografiaanother indoor session with black and white editing

perbandingan perbandingan 2

keep trying some different styles you like, compare them and decide which best for your taste.

If you’re more a Photoshop person (instead of Lightroom, as me) go try some free actions here and here. There are so many smartphone picture editing apps too which you can choose and very practical.

Then that was all! I hope this tutorial helpful. Please leave a comment for questions or you can email me at


5 thoughts on “Photographing Children Like A Pro (for dummies); Part 2 : the Execution

  1. Makasih sharingnya mbak. Aku dibagian akhir yang kadang kesulitan karena ilmu sotosopku minim banget mbak. Next time kasih tutorial untuk editing foto ya mbak. Makasih banyak sebelumnya 😀

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