more about london!

london - canafotografia

london - canafotografiathis talented guy shows his new idea of performance street art just in front of Tate Modern

london - canafotografia

london - canafotografia

london - canafotografiaTower Bridge is a bridge which crosses the River Thames just in front of the Tower of London. it’s a different bridge with the one which being subject of the popular nursery rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down”.

london - canafotografiaShad Thames, an iconic little road just around the corner of Tower Bridge. People do shop and eat here.

london - canafotografia

london - canafotografiaunique statues in a small fountain which you can find around the Shad Thames.


london - canafotografiaSt Paul’s Cathedral, an Anglican Cathedral which sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in The City of London.

london - canafotografiathe Information Center of St Paul’s cathedral, is a small modern building just across the street of the cathedral. despite of the lameness on the architecture style, this two buildings still look very well collaborate.

london - canafotografiathe City of London Corporation logo


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